Wedding Photographer Cambridge - Availability

The following dates marked 'booked' are unavailable.

If the date is marked 'Reserved' then the booking is not yet complete. It might therefore become available again.

The letters next to the dates are the bride's (or the couple's) initials.

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2018 Bookings

Fri 9th January (booked PS)

Sun 21st January (M Harvey)

Wed 21st March (booked DC)

Sat 24th March (booked EP)

Sat 31st March (booked SG)

Sat 21st April (booked NB)

Thurs 10th May (booked SF)

Sat 9th June (unavailable)

Sat 28th July (booked KB)

Sat 11th August (unavailable)

Sat 25th August (booked TC)

Mon 3rd September (booked SB)

Sat 6th October (booked BT)

Sun 25th November (booked PJ)


2019 Bookings

Sat 17th August (booked TD)

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